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REST: The Ultimate Surge Protector

Before getting into full time Christian ministry, I worked part time at an electronics store selling computers, TVs, and other nifty gadgets. I was “programmed” to always recommend and stress the importance of surge protectors to go along with the customer’s purchase. Being the good boy I am, howbeit reluctantly, I gave the speech and sent many people home with a device that I was convinced was a total WASTE! I maintained that mindset for the next couple years until the unthinkable happened — POWER SURGE!

I will never forget the heart sinking feeling when one of the men on our staff called me and said he couldn’t get the computers and monitors working at church — I was hoping that he was just a moron and didn’t know how to turn them on, but boy was I in for a treat when I made it to the office! I learned that some construction had gone on at the church that day and the workers had manually shut off all the power. When they flipped it back on, a “voltage spike” shot right through the hearts of our lovely machines killing them all! In a sense, our beautiful Apple computers were given the electric chair …

Moving away from the electrical engineering field and into some Spiritual truth, loads and loads of people are wiped out in emotional and mental “voltage spikes” of their own. We ALL live extremely stressful, busy, and confusing lives. When the “storm” is just right and the stresses and obstacles of family, work, church, and other activities are all pulling at you in opposite directions — YOU BREAK!

Just like there are SURGE PROTECTORS for common electronics and appliances, God designed a unique surge protector for His people as well: REST

 And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. – Genesis 2:2

Did you know that 29% of American will experience some form of a mental breakdown this year? That is astonishing! The leading cause every time is from ANXIETY and FATIGUE. You know what prescription God prescribed to us? You got it — REST! Our Savior, Jesus, even took a vacation from time to time:

 When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king, he departed again into a mountain himself ALONE. – John 6:15

There is nothing spiritual in “running on fumes”. When you do that in a car, you burn up the fuel line and damage your car! There is no way around it — to save yourself from completely breaking and being rendered ineffective for the future, you must learn to REST. I will be the first to admit, learning to STOP, BREATHE, and REGROUP is a very difficult thing for me. Believe it or not, your world will not melt away if you take a few days to relax and spend time with God and family. In fact, you may be surprised at how much more efficiently you run when you get back!

Article by Kevin Crozier


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Why I Took a Sabbatical…

The problem of sin has brought the consequences of the curse – one of which is that the ‘new’ never lasts (or costs too much to keep new).  New houses lose their magic after a mortgage payment or two.  The new car smell generally wears off after about two weeks.  Honeymoons don’t last forever.  Even in the spiritual realm, the newness of conversion and church wears off all-too-soon!  The only exception is what God does in the lives of His children. 2 Corinthians 5 speaks about how God seeks to renew us, if we will allow Him. During my sabbatical, I made this a serious matter of prayer…

Lord, Renew My View of this World (v1-8)

The old view of life: get all you can, can all you get, and sit on the can!  The old view of life is one where stability and success is measured by wealth, possessions, and things.  But God has called us to walk by faith and not by sight.  We need shift our focus and trust God. Our new perspective will seek heavenly treasures.  Lord, please renew the way I see life, death, and everything in between.  Help me to see things like you see them.

Lord, Renew My Desires & Motivations (v9-15)

The old motives will only take you so far.  There are several wrong ways to keep yourself going… Works: I’m doing good to earn something important.  Fear: I’m afraid not to do what’s right.  Pride: I want to do right for right’s sake (and for mine too).  Duty: I’m supposed to do what’s right, so that’s what I’ll do.  Insecurity: If I don’t do what’s right, people won’t accept me.  But the new motive is simple: LOVE.  His love moves me to love like He loved.  His sacrifice, His grace, His forgiveness.  Christ didn’t endure the cross because He needed the salvation, He did it for our salvation and to glorify the Father.  Lord, please renew my ‘want-to’ when I lose my healthy ambition and motivation.

Lord, Renew My Attitude toward Others (v16-17)

The old way to approach relationships is usually selfish in nature. Skeptical, doubtful, judgmental, critical, and  fearful.  As a Christian, my new mindset gives others (especially Christians) the benefit of the doubt. I must understand that Christians deserve a clean slate – worthy of love and of trust.  Lord, please remove my prejudices and renew my appreciation for your image-bearers.

Lord, Renew My Perception of Self (v17-21)

The old perspective is usually out of balance in one of two ways: either I saw myself as a worthless human being or I felt too highly of myself.  Both views are too extreme to be new because they either lead to ‘self-esteem’ issues (self-pity or pride).  My old perception begins with ‘who I am without God,’ but my new perception of myself begins in God.  I am what God says I am and I have what God says I have.  I am forgiven.  I am an ambassador.  I have been reconciled to God and have been called to reconcile others to God.  Lord, please renew my understanding of who I am in you.

A salesman once had a difficult time selling an old, rundown warehouse.  As he showed a prospective buyer the property, the agent took pains to talk about all he planned to do in renovating the broken windows and cleaning up the garbage.  ”Forget about the repairs, said the buyer, “I’m not interested in the building.  I just want the site.”   … God isn’t interested in the repairs that we can make to ourselves, He wants to totally renew (restore / rebuild) us from the inside out!   Give up the rights to your site and see what God will build on it.


Article by Patrick Nix


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