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Patriotism Pt.3 – My Responsibility to My Children

I am deeply burdened about the future of my children and grandchildren. The world they will inherit is completely different from the world in which I grew up. Because of selfishness and a complete lack of character from earlier generations, we are handing over a broken nation. It is broken financially, emotionally, philosophically, physically, but most of all spiritually.

I am encouraged by the resolve of some of the next generation. There seems to be somewhat of a resurgence to simplicity and honesty that is refreshing. They are not impressed with our vision of the American dream. They are seeking a religion that is real, led by people who are honest, reaching people who are hurting. To them, it is not about having the biggest, most expensive anything. It is more about making a difference.

Below are five quick thoughts for you to consider. We have a responsibility to our children:

  1. Not to strangle them with person or national debt.

They need to be led by example to pay our bills and not have more than we can afford. They need to be trained to pay as you go and as you can afford it.

  1. To secure them a safe place to live.

We need to stand for a strong defense and not be ashamed of promoting an America that will defend itself and its allies.

  1. To protect their freedom of worship.

In recent years there has been an attack on Christianity. We must take a stand for freedom of religion in America, without apology.

  1. To give them an opportunity for a good education.

Our nation is the most industrialized in the world, yet we seem to find ourselves far down the list educationally.

  1. To teach them not to rely on government.

Government is a tool not the center point of our lives. When we live our lives based on biblical principles we will individually learn to do what the government was never designed to do.

  1. To lead them to love God with all their heart.

The next generation will have no chance of survival without a return to God and the fundamentals of godliness. The two greatest commandments are to love God and love our neighbor.

These are basic tenants of what I believe to be the formula for turning our nation back in the right direction.

Article by Rodney Agan


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Grow on Purpose

It’s the one piece of advice we all know is true, but don’t necessarily want to hear. If I could say one thing to my generation it would be this – Grow on purpose!

Grow on Purpose

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received scores of email with questions and comments about self-development and leadership. And the resulting conversations often involve how to improve priority management and make better decisions.

Leaders and team members are looking for solutions to complex challenges in their life and work. And our conversations inevitably lead back to the same solution – grow on purpose.

When life happens

When your words are misunderstood. When people are criticizing you. When you think you can’t handle any more – grow on purpose.

When you feel discouraged and you want to quit – keep growing.

When you’re not sure if your life or your work is making a difference. When you don’t know if your leadership or influence matters – just grow on purpose.

There is one, and only one, silver bullet solution to breaking through to the next level in your life and work — to becoming the leader you long to be: You must grow!

Whatever you do – don’t stop

So many people struggle when vision or plans are unclear. They don’t know where to start or how to move forward. And they do the absolute worst thing – they stop.

So when you’re feeling unsupported, blocked, or stuck – grow on purpose.

When it doesn’t feel like you and your team are making progress – don’t stop, keep growing.

When your  life and work seems designed to frustrate you and thwart your plans on your journey – grow on purpose.

Don’t stop. Keep going. Your breakthrough is closer than you think. Just keep growing.

Stop and start

No matter where you are on your journey, successful leaders who have gone before you knew one thing – the secret is to keep growing. So keep moving. Keep deciding. Keep learning. Keep leading.

Whatever your fear – grow on purpose.

If you feel like a wannabe – grow on purpose.

If you are waiting for your “big break” (and it feels like you’ve been waiting forever) – grow on purpose.

Grow. Step up. Lead. When you’re done, do it again. There’s no better way to make maximum impact – grow on purpose.

Stop complaining, whining, and questioning yourself. Stop criticizing others. Stop blaming everyone and everything else. And start doing this one very simple (but very difficult) thing – grow on purpose.

Article by Michael Nichols


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