Bio – Jimmy Reagan

Jimmy is married to his sweetheart Alicia Reagan and together have 6 children. We love serving the Lord together. Besides being a pastor and pastor’s wife, Jimmy and Alicia work with disability ministry. Alicia has been a T10 paraplegic since 2009. God’s grace has been sufficient for Pastor Reagan and his family.

I’m am a pastor who loves preaching. I have a good-sized library and love reading and talking about books. Many posts on this blog will be book reviews. I’m married to a wonderful lady who just happens to be in a wheelchair since 2009.

My wife and I are passionate about disability ministry and some posts will be on that subject. As a Christian who loves the Lord and His Word I may blog about various spiritual subjects too. Feel free to contact by message or Facebook (Jimmy Reagan) as I love to talk about books, pastoral subjects, or disability subjects.


11 thoughts on “Bio – Jimmy Reagan

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